Lions News · Varsity Cheer Season Preview

2020 Orange High School Fall Sports Preview: Varsity Cheerleading

         Head Coach: Stacy Dorsey

         Seniors: Ava Cultrona, Anijah Evans, Mason Flashman, Miranda Hexter, Peyton Munn, Zoe Ursetti and Grace Zillan


As their season begins, the cheer team finds themselves at a bit of disadvantage in their preparation when compared with what they have for preparation in a typical year.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic the team has been forced to cram one and a half months-worth of practices into a short three-week window.  Coach Dorsey made a point about what the summer months usually allow them to do, “Our summer months allow our captains and our upperclassmen to get to know the younger girls and guys.  This is what allows them to build the team orientation among one another.  So, not having those summer practices has left them all in a state of unfamiliarity, but so far the team has done really well being stern and helping the younger girls when they are unsure.”  Coach Dorsey mentioned that the loss of time and the loss of cheer camp will not however be their biggest challenge.  In fact, she believes that the idea of cheering and keeping energy up with the smiles on their faces will actually be very difficult for the team if there are minimal, if any, fans in the stands.


Faced with the challenges this season of cheering with minimal fans and having a small amount of practice time to prepare, the seniors still hold a cautiously optimistic approach for the upcoming season.  Although this season will be different, and it will seem strange; Senior, Mason Fleshman expects the team to still bring good energy and make the season enjoyable.  He does not foresee too many fans being at the games, but expects to make the most of their senior year regardless of the circumstances.  Senior, Anijah Evans is looking forward most to celebrating their accomplishments on Senior Night and hopes that they are given the opportunity to cheer for the entirety of the season.  Senior, Zoe Ursetti claims that the most frustrating thing about having the season up in the air is that in the past couple weeks the season was on schedule, then it was called off, and recently rescheduled as planned and it has caused the team to have to essentially cram practice, creating some potential difficulties for the younger girls in learning the routines.