Lions News · OHS Swimming Sectional Results

Congrats to all that competed in the 2019 Northeast Section meet yesterday!

Girls Medley placed 7th overall and went a best time of 1:57.92! Hollington, Halloran, Klinginsmith, and Boyle had a great race.

Klinginsmith and Halloran placed in the 200 free. Halloran placed 13th and Klinginsmith placed 7th. Hamilton went a best time yesterday in the 200 free! She went a 2:16.25.

Klinginsmith and Hill placed in the 100 fly. Klinginsmith placed 7th with a time of 1:02.66 and Hill placed 13th with a time of 1:04.48.

Freshman, Halloran and Hill placed in the 500 free. Halloran (6th) went a 5:31.74 and Hill (7th) went a 5:33.94.

The Girls 200 free relay placed 9th overall. Boyle, Hamilton, Silvestri, and Hill went a 1:49.25.

Hollington competed in the 100 back, placing 10th with a time of 1:04.98.

The Girls 400 free placed 6th against some great competition. Hill, Halloran, Hollington, and Klinginsmith went a 3:53.75. Klinginsmith went a personal best in her split!

Senior Boys placed 2nd in the 200 Medley relay with a time of 1:41.34. Daly, Katz, Hamilton, and Golovan had a great race!

Oh went a 1:58.54 in the 200 free, placing 11th overall in the sectional meet.

Golovan competed in the 200 IM and placed 9th overall. His final time was a 2:09.93.

Katz went a 23.01 in 50 free, placing 10th overall. Jang and Powers had a great race in the event! Jang went a 25.59 and Powers went a 25.61. Pukanski went a personal best in the 50 free as well, dropping 6 seconds for a time of 41.17.

Hamilton went a 55.62 in 100 fly, placing 7th. The senior also placed 5th in the 100 free with a time of 51.17.

Golubitsky and Golovan placed 10th and 11th in the 500 free. Golovan went a time of 5:17.61 and Golubitsky went a time of 5:15.92.

Boys 200 free relay placed 7th overall, consisting of Hamilton, Daly, Jang, and Oh.

Senior, Daly went a personal best time in the 100 back. He went a 57.45 and placed 7th overall.

Katz won the 100 breast with a time of 59.62.

The senior boys 400 free relay placed 5th overall with a time of 3:28.94. Golovan, Oh, Daly, Katz had a great

Congrats swimmers on a great meet and to those advancing to the district meet!